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THE ABOVE PRESENTED CASE – 3D interactive patient counseling


Medify has developed a brand new concept to enhance communication standards in patient counseling. A 3D interactive platform, to support specialists on their job and give insight to patients like never before.


Sounds a bit futuristic? It is not. The first application preview is already available (click the pictures or the link at the right), pilots are running and as of Q3 2012 patient counseling is changing for good in cooperation with major hospitals in the Netherlands. Stay tuned for new updates.

   MEX Crohn's disease - Intestines external    MEX - Crohn's disease internal view

Please click here to visit a preview of our Medical Experience platform: Medical Experience preview 


CELEBRATING PREGNANCY – Supporting the new concepts presentation of Philips HC

Animation video – clear insight in processes, beyond camera possibilities  


Philips Health Care presented its new concepts of human body visualizations to the world. In the following movie fragment their view on visualizing different stages of pregnancy in the future is presented. We helped Philips with the visual effects and – quite essential – the fetus production and its animations. 


Just in case you think you’re looking at a real fetus… The fetus is virtual; a 3D model created on the computer, which is not generated by a scan, echo or whatsoever.






Two animation fragments (in dutch) of the Philips concepts introduction.



CHILDREN SHOULD BE CHILDREN - Insulin pen instruction for children with diabetes type I

Animation video – overcome barriers and reach different groups


In collaboration with Erasmus MC we developed an instructional animation video tool for correct insulin pen usage. The instruction is guided by an animation character Woofy, since diabetes type I is commonly diagnosed on a young age and it’s hard to catch the attention of children. Children are able to follow the instruction step-by-step and ask a couple of questions afterwards. 


Next to the fact that it overcomes the attention boundaries with children, the animation videos are spoken and subtitled in different languages to reach different groups. The animations are developed in a low-detail, schematic look tokeep costs low and make it easy understandable for children. 



Two animation fragments (in dutch) of the insulin pen instruction.


THE ABOVE PRESENTED CASE – Philips Practix Convenio introduction

Virtual Photography – cheaper than conventional photography in many cases, and often an introduction to the quality & endless possibilities of our 3D visualization solutions

As described above, Philips used our photorealistic 3D renders for the introduction of the Practix Convenio update instead of photographs of a prototype. During this – kind of a pilot – project we astonished them with the quality and photorealism of our high resolution stills. And since they got familiar with the posibilites they wanted to take the project to the next level: a simple but effective demonstration of the Practix Convenio that shows its manoeuvrability in less than a minute.


Please take a look at the first animation video to find out if we succeeded. Afterwards, take a look at the second video to see a demo of the following step we took: an interactive Practix Convenio experience!





To play with the Practix Convenio yourself, just click: Practix Convenio experience

(and be sure to install the shockwave plugin if needed)


"Our solutions help professionals in their communication, either for sales / marketing or for patient counseling purposes"

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"The markets we serve demand for tailor-made solutions, which suits us well since we´re able to visualize simply anything"